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An Introuction to Family Guy

– Here is a quick video featuring the best outtakes from Family Guy!

Any popular family oriented cartoon show will be judged against the great performing and long running animated show “The Simpsons.” Another nice creative show with best animation was the Futurama. Another show ‘King of the Hill’’ showcased the funny side of everyday life with a traditional simple man as the central character. On the other hand the South Park show had patent vulgarity and judgment. The “Family Guy’’ show arose from the creative talent and enterprise of Seth Macfarlane.

Family Guy is a show that appeals to everyone, regardless of their age and gender. There are plenty of flashbacks in the show and funny references to pop culture that are hilarious to the audience if they understand them. If they cannot follow the funny references then they can still be entertained by the absurdity of the jokes. There is also some added  political satire in the show which further entertains the audience who appreciate this kind of humor.

Most of the characters in the show are common characters, those who we are most likely to encounter in everyday life. They include characters like Peter, an intoxicated friend, a smooth talking ladies man, Lois, a beautiful housewife, a baby whose only goal is to take over the whole world.

The special and unique characters of this show are the baby and the dog. The baby plans to take over the world or sometimes even to kill his mother. The baby is known as ‘Stewie’ and the creator of the show Seth Macfarlane once confessed that when creating the show ‘Stewie’ was just added as an afterthought. It is interesting to ponder that it was the simple afterthought which made the show such a big hit as the character makes the audience laugh all the time.

In the year 1995, Seth Macfarlane created and showcased “The Life of Larry,” and in the following year in 1996 he released “Larry and Steve.’’ The final features of the hit show Family Guy are altered and taken from the two original shorts. The central character remains the same, a drunken man of Irish descent living in Quahog, Rhode Island with his beautiful wife and three kids and a talking dog. Seth Macfarlane created and showcased the ‘Family Guy’ in all its glory. The show is much more edgy and fast paced than the Simpsons show and there is no vulgarity or crudeness in the show as in the South Park.